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TOTL TomFoolery

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TOTL TomFoolery is the little sister company of This Old Thing London.

During our travels to source jewellery and accessories for clients across the globe we have amassed a collection of unique jewels and beads that are just waiting for a new life!

Selling vintage and antique items has always been at the heart of our businesses and TOTL TomFoolery takes forgotten jewellery and mixes the beads with contemporary, fun alphabet components. Twinning these with a comprehensive set of instructions made by Charlotte (who has a degree in fashion) and the tools needed to easily make quality jewellery sourced by Josh (who has a background in teaching) the kits are full of creative fun!

Aimed at adults (and big kids) the kits are inspired by conversations had in 2020 of ways to be affordably creative and frivolous from home, the trend for fun beaded jewellery and the desire to learn new skills.

For press enquires please contact via email at

Or visit the website: TOTL TomFoolery

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