TOTL Review: Pix


Fancy trying some savoury pick ‘n’ mix? Then go ahead and pop over to the fun and chilled out tapas bar Pix where you can go and help yourself to some cold, hot or sweet Barcelona inspired dishes which will leave you feeling like a hispanic flamenco dancer…or maybe that was the Cosmo’s!

TOTL Getaway: Istanbul





The end of summer can always be a little bit daunting, especially for the TOTL team who are a bunch of ladies
who love their summer sun and so a mini get away was arranged. A trip to a fascinating city where Aladdin and Jasmine once flew on their magic carpet to pick up perhaps a brightly coloured lamp, feast on some delicious Turkish mezze dishes or maybe just sit back and relax while smoking their shisha.

What we did
Tried our best at haggling in The Grand Bazaar
Saw how blue the Blue Mosque really is
Sailed on the Bosphorus and hopped along the Asia and Europe continents (look up!)

What we ate
Far too many heavenly pieces of Baklava
Turkish pizza (not so quite the Domino version)
Spinach and feta cheese pastries

What we drank
Endless glasses of Turkish tea