Iconic Earrings at TOTL

A favourite with our celebrity clients we pride ourselves on our collections of iconic designer earrings!

Here is a showcase of our latest faves from Chanel and Hermes. All collectable and iconic in their own way.

A note from Charli on the specifics;

“The Chanel cage styles are some of the most sought after on the market and are extremely hard to find! Similarly the hexagonal CC earrings are true icons and the only pair I have ever found (when you buy and sell the amount of Chanel that I do that is no mean feat!) and the Hermes Medor are in the legendary original Blue Jean leather”

Contact us for details and images and one of the team will be very happy to help!

As always gift wrapping and shipping is complimentary worldwide.

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Planes, Trains and (tiny rented) Automobiles

“Are you ever at home?” a friend asked me recently. Well, over the past three weeks, no. Searching for beautiful things has taken me from the south of France to Italy, Germany and the always glamorous Kempton Park. A lonely quest? Sometimes. Exciting? Always. Would I change anything? Not for all the CC’s in Paris. In what other job could you possibly travel around the world, often with your family and generally have a wonderful adventure? I don’t know many. The first stop was the south of France where I found Chanel aplenty including these absolutely stunning star-patterned sunglasses.

Fairs in France are often treasure troves interspersed with, erm, not such glam objects! Where else can you find a stunning Givenchy necklace and Chanel bracelet in amongst broken oil lamps, what I’m pretty sure was a stuffed badger and a variety of novelty mannequin heads? One man’s trash etc etc. 

We rounded off the first leg of our trip with one of our most exciting buys. I love Chanel belts. There is just something so exceptionally fun and fabulous about them and these super-rare examples just made my day.

Now, sometimes when travelling you stumble upon other gems of the non-fashion variety and the B&B that we found in Paris was one of them. The Relais12bis B&B. Effortlessly cool vibes and incredible artwork combined to make this place an utter winner. They are not all like this on the road! We’ll be back for sure.

Italy was next. Former prime-minister Matteo Renzi said “Italy will never be a normal country. Because Italy is Italy. If we were a normal country, we wouldn’t have Rome. We wouldn’t have Florence. We wouldn’t have the marvel that is Venice.” Couldn’t have put it better myself! There is a feeling you get in this wonderful country that is incomparable. The passion, the poise and the smattering of mania combine to make the Italian fairs my favourite in the world. A Goyard trunk that you could fit your mum in, A Chanel Crocodile Clutch bag (one of only four in the world) and the most stunning collection of Hermes Birkins. They are all here.

I couldn’t wait any longer, I pointed at the black Birkin with the gold hardware and nodded. My husband nodded too. It was that time again. It may have been the incendiary mix of Italian espresso and the sheer class of the objects around me but the feeling of buying a Birkin is always almost etherial. Sounds crazy I know but it’s true. Italy, you did it again!

Keep your eyes peeled for the detailed studio shots of the newest Birkin coming soon!

On to a new fair in Germany as we speak, sadly minus mum and husband as they headed back to England. New treasures? Hopefully. Missing my bed a touch? You bet’cha. “Shall we go to Belgium on Friday?” asks my dad.

What do you reckon…..? 

Lots of Love

Charli and the TOTL family

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The Original and the BEST! Chanel 2.55 in at TOTL

The all time Chanel best seller the 2.55 10″ black quilted double flap bag is getting harder and harder to find in an A** condition and we are over the moon to have added this wonderful piece to our stock. With prices soaring worldwide the quality and price of our vintage flap bags make them one of the most sought after bags we source. Available at TOTL now.


Classic Chanel lambskin 2.55 double flap bag in black lambskin with gold quilted hardware.

Made in France in 1997. In an exceptional condition.

With serial numbers card and dust bag present.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with queries and image requests.


We hope you’re all having a fab week so far? We’ve been super busy travelling and sourcing products however, we have a special TOTL celebrity OOTD (‘outfit of the day’ for those who may not know what this means – we got you😉) that we can’t wait to share!

PAPPED – One of our celebrity angels last night at the GQ Awards wearing TOTL vintage YSL & Christian Lacroix.

Can you guess who it is?

  • She’s a singer and an actress
  • She’s British
  • She’s totally fabulous
  • Her first name starts with R and her last name starts with O

Okay, I think we all know who it is seeing as she is on the cover of this blog anyway…


Doesn’t she look amazing!

Rita is rocking one of our vintage YSL brooches on her hat. She also has a number of glamorous glitzy rings on her fingers which include a huge TOTL vintage Christian Lacroix piece – as attested to in one of our recent blog posts you can never have too many rings and Rit’s has just proved it!!

Rita Ora is fabulously styled by our main man Kyle De’Volle and we love the way he has used the YSL brooch in a fresh new way.

The Christian Lacroix ring is much harder to see in the pictures above so here it is up close and personal ✨💍

 We love seeing pictures of ALL of our angels wearing our pieces so don’t forget to take a pic for the gram and tag us in them – @totl.luxury

Enjoy the rest of your week angels and remember, stay fabulous.

Lots of Love

TOTL Assistant Millie C