Hi Angels!

Recently, we went on another buying trip to try and find some more vintage goodies for you all and we can’t wait to show you what we found. This is one of our favourite things to do when it comes to sourcing products as we also get to travel the world whilst we’re at it too! Of course we didn’t just work whilst we were out there, we also got to explore the gorgeous city of Amsterdam ☀️

Did you know that Amsterdam has a population of more than 851,000 and over 3.5 MILLION foreign visits A YEAR!?

If Amsterdam is a place that you have never visited before then it definitely needs to be put on your ‘Places to go’ list. Look how pretty it is!!

So before we reveal to you our perfect little find, we took some pictures of us travelling around on our bikes. As everybody knows, Amsterdam isn’t Amsterdam without their famous bicycles so of course we HAD to hire some out.

We spent hours on end riding our bikes around the city finding cute little spots to stop and have some lunch or nibble on some cakes. We rode into Amsterdam square and also towards the station where you can stop off and take a boat ride around the canals. Obviously our pictures wouldn’t be the same unless it’s been embellished with one of our favourite TOTL pieces 😉

Now the time has come to reveal what we found –

Who wants to see!?



YES we’ve got a new in Vintage Black Chanel Flap Bag to add to our collection and we love it!! If you know our brand well, you will know that one of our favourite brands to stock is of course Chanel and our collection is growing bigger and bigger. We have bags, earrings, brooches, scarves, bracelets, belts, cosmetic cases, necklaces.. you name it! So we are super excited to have found this exclusive vintage piece right here in AMSTERDAM.

That this gem is in store NOW and ready for you to get your hands on.

Amsterdam – you have been good to us  💛

Have a lovely day Angels

Lots of Love